about me

Hello there! I’m Lucas, a brazilian-based product designer crafting ideas in Sympla.

‍I really enjoy spending time with my dogs and my wife. I have 2 beautiful french bulldogs. I enjoy going to rock concerts and drinking craft beer.

Love arts, tattoo and travelling around de world. Sometimes I write something in Medium. You can check my career path on my Linkedin.

If you want to talk, send me an email ;)


Product Design Lead

I am currently Product Designer Lead at Sympla, in charge of overseeing product and service design projects and teams, working alongside with c-levels, stakeholders, engineers, product managers and other teams. The entire user experience: from end-to-end, research and discovery processes, technical specification and backlog planning to final product or feature delivery.

My activities include product experience and user interface design of mobile apps and websites (desktop and responsive). Research, design and prototype ideas. Collaborate closely with developers, product managers and stakeholders.

Test solutions with users and make meaningful and measurable improvements to Sympla web and mobile products (B2B and B2C). Designing to both native iOS and Android applications with Sketch + Zeplin + prototype tools. Act with futurecasting, metrics, and user insights.