Dark mode

Why should you turn off the lights?

The Benefits of Dark Mode

The benefits of the dark mode are many, but it is worth highlighting health & well-being and battery savings, in addition to the stylish look. Let's be honest, dark mode just looks super amazing.

Dark themes have many benefits and are now widely expected. However, they are difficult to execute well. The simple approach of reusing colours and inverting shades will increase eyestrain, make it harder to read in low light, and may even break visual and information hierarchy.

We found a systematic way to build dark themes that are readable, balanced, and delightful following these steps:
1. Darken distant surfaces
2. Revisit perceptual contrast
3. Reduce large blocks of bright color
4. Avoid pure black or white
5. Deepen colours

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UX Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Visual Design.

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