The best of each city

Find the best events in your city

Events based on data

With this new feature, it is possible to find the best events in the main cities. On each city page there is a specific selection, based on data such as main segments, search, trends and most accessed and purchased events.

Matrix model

The Matrix model consists of delivering an API (Application Programming Interface) of segmented events by recommendation, personalization, search or interaction by the user, based on an algorithm called Global Score.

A survey of possible breaks in some collections was carried out according to the user's job and event availability:
1. Theme
2. Format
3. Subtheme
4. Date
5. Price
6. Audience

The sections present personalized nomenclatures that will be delivered by the API and will be used to compose page titles and descriptions.

Implementation rules

- The nomenclature of open sections should be defined with a view to the user's objective and SEO strategies.
- The creation of dynamic structures for the presentation of lists is given as a requirement for the success of this format, so we can change its parameters and ordering according to performance.
- Open sections must adopt the Global Score as a standard ordering method.
- If the open section has no events available, it should not be presented.
- If the open collection does not have enough events to show more, the link should not be displayed.


The Matrix solution built to receive the Global Score API is multiplatform, web (desktop and responsive) and mobile (iOS and Android).

My role

UX Design, Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Visual Design.

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