Organizer Dashboard

A simple way to manage your events

Advantages for organizing events

The Dashboard is a tool that provides the organizer, in a single place, with all the strategic data of their events. In the Sympla Dashboard, it is possible to view and interpret information in an intuitive and simple way, professionalizing the management of events. The tool allows the user to analyze their history as an organizer, understand the buying behavior of the participants of the events and obtain information that will serve as a basis for planning marketing campaigns, sales and defining the strategies of the next events.

Discovery Research

A discovery survey was conducted with organizers to understand the real needs of platform users:


Semi-structured interviews with upper range organizers, carried out as part of the discovery process of the new Account Dashboard project.
- Organizer day
- Use of the platform
- Data analysis and decision making
- 8 attendees



My role

UX Design, Research, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Visual Design.